We owe everything to the insightful vision of Don Long, who realized the potential of this land in the early 1960s. A butcher by trade, with a keen eye for business opportunities, Donald slowly acquired over 1000 acres on the now famous Pritchard Hill.


In 1978, Donald along with his 28 year old son David began the epic job of clearing brush & rocks and finally planting wine grapes. What David lacked a formal viticultural education, he made up for by working hands-on by working in the vineyards and cellars of local wineries such as the Chappellet and Joseph Phelps. The first vintage of Chardonnay was harvested in 1985, followed by Cabernet Sauvignon in the nineties. As his experience and knowledge of the land grew, David learned the ability of these hills to grow the very finest wine grapes. Today, with the help of a highly insightful team, we continue to cultivate rich concentrated wine grapes that in turn help us craft distinctive and memorable wines.



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