Every year we have the opportunity to pull out all the stops and make the ultimate expression of Cabernet Sauvignon from David’s vineyard. Sitting at over one thousand feet above sea level, these carefully selected vines give us our much celebrated and highly sought-after flagship wine: Elevation 1147. Expressive and complex, much like David himself, this wine exudes everything we love about the terroir of Pritchard Hill. Always 100% single-varietal Cabernet Sauvignon, this wine simultaneously exudes power and finesse, structure and elegance, extraction and grace. Nature and nurture have once again come together to showcase one of Napa Valley’s finest expressions of this noble grape.


An intensely deep, ruby red color offers complex aromas of earthy sagebrush with garrigue-like floral notes to dark cocoa nibs and baked cassis-cherry compote. There are subtle notes of black tea, roasted pecans and brown Muscovado sugar. The palate is broad and expansive with chewy mineral-like tannins lingering on the finish. There are flavors of baked dark cherry, cassis and blackberry as well as chocolate toffee and black tea bergamot notes on the finish.

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