As a tribute to David’s father and Laura’s grandfather, we have been bottling our Le Boucher Cabernet Franc Red Wine blend for nearly a decade. Without Don Long’s vision and dedication to our estate, we would not be where we are today. We make this wine with gratitude and love in honor of our patriarch, who was a butcher by trade, and this wine is named as such. With Father’s Day approaching, we also celebrate a father in the world of grape varieties; Cabernet Franc, along with Sauvignon Blanc, is the progenitor of Cabernet Sauvignon!


An inky dark, ruby-red color offers an array of complex aromatics including lavender and rosemary, cherry blossoms, and mixed berry cobbler followed by notes of forest bark and rich soil. This wine is an evolving kaleidoscope of aromas that will continue to develop with age. The pallet is broad and expansive and built with bold, fine-grain tannins that carry a long, persistent finish with flavors of baked cherry, tamarind, sage blossom and cassis.

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