Often described as one of Italy’s most noble wines, Nebbiolo is a red grape variety that hails from the Northern region of Piemonte where wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco are produced. Known for its versatility, Nebbiolo can be paired with an endless array of dishes. Its hallmark characteristics are light color, intense aromatics and a wonderful balance of fruit, tannin and acidity. Here in the Napa Valley, very few vintners produce a Nebbiolo, but David’s appreciation for all things Italian inspired him to grow this bellissimo vino. Ours has classic Old World characteristics with New World flair!


A ruby red color offers brooding earth tone aromas followed by bright fruit notes of cherry, pomegranate and plum, followed by spice notes of dried mint, caraway and anise. The palate is soft and rich with sweet, fine-grained tannins accompanied by lively acidity. Flavors of baked plum, cedar-box, cola-berry and tamarind fill the length of the palate. The elegant tannins linger yet offer a long mineral persistence.

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